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"Holding On" was the final project for a class on digital color photography that I took at Maine College of Art in the fall of 2009. It features people I know with their childhood stuffed animals and blankets, and is intended to be viewed in book form with each pair of photos constituting a spread.

The purpose of "Holding On" is to explore themes of memory and comfort by showing how adults interact with (and hold onto) the objects that meant the most to them in childhood. I found it interesting to observe the similarities in the way my subjects held their toys, and to hear the reminiscences they brought up.

Jeff & Tuffy
Jeff & Tuffy : Ellen & Blankie Ellen & Blankie : Anna & Kitty
Anna & Kitty : Jon & Bubby
Jon & Bubby : Leslie & Bubba Leslie & Bubba : Margareta & Nalle
Margareta & Nalle : Trilby & Lucy Trilby & Lucy : Bri & Sly Bri & Sly : Anna & Filty Anna & Filty : Anna & Peter Cantarell Anna & Peter Cantarell : Lisa & Donkey Lisa & Donkey : Kate & Twiggy/Covies Kate & Twiggy/Covies : Alec & Cat Alec & Cat : Matthea & Corduroy Matthea & Corduroy : Heather & Huggy Bear Heather & Huggy Bear

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