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The things in this section are largely exercises I did for my Intro to Graphic design class, fall 2008 through spring 2009. In addition to these formal explorations of type and image, this section includes some posters, some illustrated logo design, and whatever else doesn't fit neatly into a category. They are organized roughly from most to least recent.

Business Card Design (Personal) Business Card Design (Charlotte Agell) Blue Jay Pattern Compost Shirt Design Compost Shirt Design Scribe Project (Cadence Poster) Scribe Project (Original Alphabet) Logo Idea: Winged Little A Logo Idea: Swallow Logo Idea: Winged Anchor 6t/Sixty HELVETIC[A] Get Out The Vote: Make Change Get Out The Vote: Have Your Say Get Out The Vote: It's Not That Hard Headphones Leaf Exploration III Leaf Exploration II Leaf Exploration I

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