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I am interested in making art that provides an experience. My artistic practice revolves around the idea that one piece of art will have many meanings, depending on its presentation and context, and that the artist may use these tools to guide viewer interpretation of and interaction with the work. I want my art to create an immersive experience for its audience; for this reason, the objects I produce are merely facets of a larger narrative. I am by nature a storyteller.

My story centers around the Victorian-era notion of the curio cabinet and the personal, individual collections within. (Printmaking is traditionally collectible and object-based: before Modernism, prints were small and kept in drawers, to be taken out and handled at will.) I draw also upon the history and science of the day, making reference to the vintage etchings that populated informational texts before the rise of photography.

Because I work in many media within the printmaking ethos, I concern myself with with the concepts of focus and range. I make use of certain symbols and motifs often in my work: objects such as keys, clocks, birds, and bones represent various conceits that become clear with repetition. Text is frequently incorporated, both as explanation and - more significantly - within the work itself. I routinely mix traditional methods of printmaking with processes driven by contemporary technology in order to simulate age and authenticity. These images and techniques bind my work into a cohesive whole while providing the aura and atmosphere necessary to convey my message.

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